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We usually sell our waste or non- usable products or either we through them in a dustbin. Today we have come up with an very exclusive environment friendly offer of ” Extra Carbon “. 

In Extra Carbon you can sell your household waste or Non – Usable Products like Newspaper, Books, Magazines, Notebooks, Iron, Copper etc. 

Sell your waste and not just earn money but do your bit for the environment by earning carbon points. We will recycle all the waste you sell to Extra Carbon.


How to Sell your Waste


  • Old News Paper @ Rs. 10/Kg
  • Books @ Rs. 8/kg
  • Magazines @ Rs. 8/Kg
  • Notebooks @ Rs. 8/Kg
  • Iron @ Rs. 14/Kg
  • Copper Rs. 280/Kg
  • Brass Rs. 200/Kg
  • Plastic @ 12/Kg
  • Steel @ Rs.25/Kg
  • Aluminum @ Rs.70/Kg
  • Tin @ Rs.10/Kg
  • Glass Bottle @ Rs.1

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