Free CCD Cappucinno Cafe Latte + Rs. 88 cash in Bank Account

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We are back with one double freebie deal which you don’t want want to miss. Get Free Cafe Coffee Day CCd Cappucinno Cafe Latte Rs. 88 cash in your bank account. Yes, you read it right. This offer has brought with combination of 2 offer Favcy cashback in bank account +  Cafe Coffee Day App Refer & Earn. Check out below post how can you get this offer.



Step 1: Register on Favcy and activate Rs. 102 cashback in bank account CCD Deal.

  1. Visit Favcy Indian Express Secret Shop.
  2. Login/Sign up with Facebook account.


  3. Verify Email and Mobile Number.
  4. You will be redirected to
  5. Now click on profile icon on top right to get 103 points.


  6. Click on “Offers India Only”
  7. Select Offline Offer and scroll down to find “Pay 44 IEpoint(s) and a Cafe Latte is on us”
  8. Click on Get offer.


  9. 31 IE points will be deducted from 103 points and Rs. 88 cashback in bank account deal will be activated (102 – Rs 10 transaction charge – 4% tax)

Step 2: Get Free CCD Cappucinno Cafe Latte at Cafe Coffee Day.

  1. Download Cafe Coffee Day App Android app.
  2. Open app and click on Sign up.
  3. Enter Mobile number > Agree Terms and Conditions > Click Go.
  4. In Refer field type FREE88 and Click confirm.
  5. Congo! you earn 100 beans for sign up :).
  6. Now visit CCD store and order CCD Cappucinno Cafe Latte (You must order this with in 48 hours of activating cashback offer from favcy)
  7. Pay with CCD credit to get it free and take a picture of CCD Bill.

Step 3: Get Rs. 88 Cash in Bank Account.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on profile icon from top right > Click on Upload Bill.


  3. Now upload bill, enter bill amount and submit.


  4. Visit here and Fill in your bank details.
  5. You will get Rs. 88 cashback once Favcy approved your billl.

Favcy Cash in Bank account Terms and Conditions

  • Claim Cash Advance by paying IEpoint(s). Cash Advance will be available ln your Favcy account with your other Social Points.
  • Visit the Restaurant and make sure to Order your Cafe Latte.
  • Pay as you normally would at the Restaurant.
  • Call back on Secret Shop number – 08033512312 and then upload the complete picture of your paper bill, so that we know you had your Cafe Latte and had a good time.
  • Payments are made every week on Monday. All payment requests made by Friday 2 p.m. IST would be paid on the following Monday. Depending on your bank, this payment should reach your account within 2-3 business days.
  • Directly transferring money to FavcyCashWallet is not permitted. FavcyCashWallet can only handle all your cash advances received from Groups/Merchants on the Favcy Architecture.
  • As soon as that is approved, you can withdraw your Cash from your Favcy account.
    1. Approved: Cash Advance Approved and available for withdrawal. Favcy will deduct 4% as transfer charges.
    2. Pending Bill Upload: Cash Advance Received but pending for your upload of the Bill’s photo as per the terms and conditions.
    3. Pending Bill Approval: Cash Advance Received but pending approval of the Bill that you have loaded.


If you do not visit the Restaurant and do not claim your Cafe Latte within 48 hrs, we will reverse the transaction. You get your IEpoint(s) back and the Cash Advance will no longer be available.


Tip:- You can use this offer as many time as you want. to earn more

  • Favcy IE (Indian Express Points): Refer your friends and get 30 points, Reading Article= 2 points, Whatsap Refer = 30 points, share=10 points, Watch a Video = 10 points, Comment = 2 points, Visit = 1 points, Like = 5 points.


  • CCD Points:- Open App. > Left Menu > Refer > Get code. > Share this code with your friends. You will get 100 beans when tehy use the app to buy a beverage at a ccd store.
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