Get 15% of the transaction value up to a maximum of Rs.2500 on Travel Deals — Nearbuy — Rs. 14166.0 — Travel

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How to get this deal

  1. Click here to go to Nearbuy.
  2. Apply coupon code TRAVEL2500

How does cashback work?
– Step 1: Apply cashback code during the purchase, in the “Apply Coupon Code” section
– Step 2: Visit Merchant outlet (or website) to use the voucher or Check-in (for travel merchants)
– Step 3: Once you have used your voucher or checked-in (for travel merchants) we will apply cashback as nearbuy credits within 48 hours.
– Step 4: These credits can be used for any of your future purchases on nearbuy

Term & Conditions
– Code TRAVEL2500 will credit 15% of the transaction value up to a maximum of Rs.2500 to the same account from which the initial transaction was made
– Valid only on purchases made through nearbuy app only
– This offer is valid for one Transaction per user
– Expires Friday, 23rd Sept., 2016, 11:59:59 PM
– Valid only on Travel offers
– Cashback will be awarded as credits to customer within 48 hours of check-in
– In case customer has purchased multiple vouchers in one order, cashback will be awarded as and when each voucher is redeemed
– The amount of cashback awarded on redemption of each voucher will be calculated based on the relative price of that voucher
– E.g. I bought 2 vouchers, one of Rs. 1000 and another of Rs. 2000 and was eligible for Rs.200 cashback. I then redeemed the Rs.1000 voucher but did not redeem Rs. 2000 voucher. I will receive cashback of 200X(1000/3000) = Rs. 66.67 as credits within 48 hours of check-in
– Customer cannot apply both promo and cashback on the same order
– In case customer cancels his/her order, no cashback can be claimed
– In case customer partially cancels his/her order (i.e. if one cancels few of the vouchers in a multi-voucher order), cashback will be awarded to him/her only for the vouchers which he/she redeems and not for the cancelled vouchers. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and will not be valid on certain exclusive features

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