Jumbo Hanging Clothes Hanger Laundry Rack Foldable at Flat 52% OFF

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The easy cloth drying stand is made up of ms steel coated rods and ABS & PP Plastic. It is foldable and has caster wheels so it becomes more convenient, offering kawachigroup.com, selling Jumbo Hanging Clothes Drying Hanger Laundry Rack Foldable Clothes Drying Rack, worth Rs. 4200 at Rs. 1999 Only, To get this rack, here are the steps :-


How to get this Rack :-

Key Features :-

  • Easy to arrange, store and handle
  • Material: ABS & PP (Plastic) material with Mild Steel Rods
  • No. of rods: 24 Mild Steel Rods
  • 4 Step Angle Adjustment height to suit any drying requirement
  • With its 4 step angle adjusting function, all length – types of laundry can be dried altogether
  • Extra 10 Hanger Slots
  • Double-Sided adjustable 6 wings to hang garments
  • Thick ms Steel base bar for better stability
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